ABOUT: Unlock the creative potential of AI in music and art during this workshop. Learn about neural networks, train models with your own data for art and sound, and embody machine learning for expressive interfaces. Discover decentralized, alternative approaches to machine learning and gain insights for understanding its applications.
BYThe Workshop will be held by DJ and Producer Peter Kirn.
LOCATION: Gallery room (first floor) at kulturbunker Köln-Mülheim, Berlinerstr. 20, 51063
LANGUAGEThe Workshop is in english.
AUDIENCE General – anyone interested in making music, performances, and art with machine learning. No prior background is necessary. (If you have some background in Pd or Processing, it’s useful – but don’t worry if not.
BRING: Bring a computer with the latest version of Chrome installed. Also recommended for music users – an up-to-date version of Pure Data
REGISTER: The Workshop requires a registration, the entry is not included in the Festival Ticket. Donation recommendation 10€.


VR exhibition

VR EXHIBITION: Loophole (XOR Space X Timcheh): “Loophole” challenges the dominance of automated, profit-driven art and culture in the digital age. This virtual reality exhibition explores digital art’s potential to break free from this closed system, drawing inspiration from diverse cosmologies and knowledge systems. Artists from various backgrounds collaborate to create interactive ecosystems that reimagine online social presence and challenge tech giant hegemony, fostering transformative actions. Join us in this thought-provoking exhibition to explore new frontiers in digital art and culture.

If you’d like to explore the exhibition, you can book your individual 10-minute VR session throughout the festival days.

PROGRAM REGISTRATION: On Thursday (30.11.23) evening, the opening day of the exhibition, we are going to have a hybrid round discussion with artists about their work.

The discussion will be in English. It will take place online, but we are going to project it on the wall for the attendees in Cologne. The whole session will be streamed on Twitch. 

To attend the round the discussion on-site and book a VR-session to explore the exhibition, please register here.

LOCATIONGallery room (first floor) at kulturbunker Köln-Mülheim, Berlinerstr. 20, 51063




Coming in hard with the bass, yungfya gained a fast following in Berlin’s clubs after placing herself behind the decks. Her diverse knowledge and passion for selecting is evident from her playfully dynamic, hard pushing sets – where her charismatic, positive energy feeds directly into the dance floor.

Timcheh Music Festival 2023-Artist

Tmf 2023



Temp-Illusion is an Iranian experimental/electronic duo consisting of Shahin Entezami and Behrang Najafi, both natives of Tehran, Iran.

They use a wide range of music programs and hardware synthesizers in their music production to combine noisy and atmospheric layers with melodies and complex beat programming to achieve a unique style of dance music.

Temp-Illusion are mainly known as a live band, and they have performed in various shows and festivals such as Roskilde Festival, MUTEK Tokyo, CTM festival, and SET Festival among others. So far, they’ve released two LPs, “Autolected ” and “Pend ”, and a remix album “Pend [reworks]” on Opal Tapes.



Farzaneh Nouri (Farzané) is an Iranian musician, researcher, and sound artist based in the Netherlands.

Interested in experimental approaches to sound, science, and technology, she explores various disciplines such as electroacoustic music composition, computer science, cybernetics, acoustic ecology, and linguistics.

As tools in her artistic practice, she uses creative coding, field recording, live electronics, as well as acoustic and programmable instruments.

Her recent pieces investigate complex systems, natural algorithms, and human-machine interaction.

Farzaneh composes for live performances, interactive installations, films, VR and multi-sensory experiences. The focus of her current research is on artificial intelligence methods in the framework of live electroacoustic music improvisation.



Between the binaries of darker moods and bliss energies – Sarkawt Hamad’s sound is unmistakable. Grown up in the Netherlands, the Erbil born- Amsterdam based artist finds inspiration in all sorts of elements: from fascination for rock music, to dreamy pop and her roots. Firmly entrenched in the Dutch underground scene, she translates this experience into a melodic flow behind the decks.

Diverse in sources, her sets ebb effortlessly between genre –  from breaks, to leftliefd techno and house, all connected through a contagious energy. Sarkawt creates a space in which euphoria, more pensive states and deep soft noise can coexist.

Farida amadou

farida amadou

Farida Amadou is a self taught bass player based in Brussels, Belgium. The electric bass is her main instrument since 2011. In 2013, she has started to play a lot of differentmusical genres, including blues, jazz and hip-hop.

Soon Farida started to dive into improvisation music, and got rapidly identified by local collectif and musicians. After a year (2017) as bass player in belgian punk band Cocaine Piss, Farida decided to focus on her solo improvisation practice and collaborations with musicians like Steve Noble, Thurston Moore, Peter Brötzmann, Terrie Ex, Lukas Koening, Pat Thomas, Julien Desprez among other occasional featuring such as Jerusalem in My Heart and Moor Mother.

Nazanin noori

nazanin noori

Nazanin Noori is an artist who lives and works in Berlin. Her interdisciplinary work includes sound art, live and lecture performance, installation, direction and text. 


With a formal education in theater, film and media studies, Noori addresses the merging of sound, space, sculpture and post-dramatic poetry, focussing on atmospheric narratives. Her compositions are primarily in the Ambient Hardcore realm, branching out into Doom Electronics.


Her latest sound piece HAAL was commissioned by Deutschlandfunk Kultur in 2022. Her debut album FARCE was released in 2020. In the same year, she had a residency at Junge Akademie der Künste in Berlin. Nazanin Noori’s sound and room installations were on view at EIGEN + ART Lab, Akademie der Künste, as well as Transmediale. Her performances have been staged at Berliner Festspiele, Villa Massimo, Halle am Berghain, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Museum Angewandte Kunst, Schauspielhaus Zürich, La Gaîté Lyrique and CTM. Her theatre works were staged at Deutsches Theater and Berliner Ensemble. Her sound scenarios have been presented in various radio stations across Africa, Asia, America and Europe, such as Refuge Worldwide, Mutant Radio and Deep House Tehran.


Nazanin Noori is also part of the improvisational trio Parvaresh/Noori/Zahedi, performing as a modular synthesist and vocalist, next to the bass clarinetist and clarinetist Shabnam Parvaresh and Azin Zahedi, who plays the santoor, bansuri and flute.

Ale hop

Ale hop

Alejandra Cárdenas Pacheco (also known as Ale Hop) is a Peruvian-born artist, researcher, and experimental musician based in Berlin. Her body of work includes live shows, record releases, sound and video artworks, research on sound and technology, and original music for film, dance and theater projects.

Her live performances merge the physical qualities of music with raw emotional states and unorthodox instrument procedures. She builds layers of sounds by blending a complex repertoire of guitar techniques processed by synthesis devices, to create a music of deep physical intensity.

Ale Hop began her career in the 2000s in Lima’s experimental and underground scene. In 2012, following several years of taking part in different pop and electronic bands, she finally started her solo project after performing alone for the first time in Boiler Room, during her residence at the Red Bull Music Academy New York.

Her studious approach to the subjects covered in her albums and pieces is constantly informed by her background as a researcher. She completed a BA in Art History, her master’s in Sound Studies, further studies in History of Science and Technology, and is currently pursuing a PhD at Berlin University of Arts. She also co-founded the Berlin-based festival Radical Sounds Latin America (of which she was co-curator from 2019 to 2021) and, nowadays, directs the publication Border-Listening/Escucha-liminal and the editorial platform Contingent Sounds, which facilitate critical discourses, and artistic research on listening.

Ale Hop has performed, screened and exhibited work internationally at institutions and festivals, such as Unsound Krakow (2022), CTM Festival (2022), Haus der Kulturen der Welt (2021), New York’s Museum of Arts and Design (2021), Australia Independent Film Festival (2021), Stockholm City Film Festival (2021), Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (2020), Somerset House Studios (2019), Heroines of Sound (2019 and 2021), MALBA Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires (2015).

Asid Finky

Asid Finky

Acidfinky (she/they) is a German/Algerian DJ and producer based in Berlin. She is a Golden Pudel (Hamburg) and THF Radio resident, member of the feminist collective BLVSH and founder of Twisting Knobs Records. She usually plays “crispy sounds”, an umbrella term she uses to define heavy basslines combined with sharp drums and ear candy.
Timcheh Music Festival 2023-Artist

Tmf 2023

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