ABOUT: Unlock the creative potential of AI in music and art during this workshop. Learn about neural networks, train models with your own data for art and sound, and embody machine learning for expressive interfaces. Discover decentralized, alternative approaches to machine learning and gain insights for understanding its applications.
BYThe Workshop will be held by DJ and Producer Peter Kirn.
LOCATION: Gallery room (first floor) at kulturbunker Köln-Mülheim, Berlinerstr. 20, 51063
LANGUAGEThe Workshop is in english.
AUDIENCE General – anyone interested in making music, performances, and art with machine learning. No prior background is necessary. (If you have some background in Pd or Processing, it’s useful – but don’t worry if not.
BRING: Bring a computer with the latest version of Chrome installed. Also recommended for music users – an up-to-date version of Pure Data  https://puredata.info/.
REGISTER: The Workshop requires a registration, the entry is not included in the Festival Ticket. Donation recommendation 10€.
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