»LeyLey« – meaning the ›hopscotch‹ children’s game: We’re dancing in- and outside of squares.

Timcheh e. V. invited four aspiring female artists from Tehran, Berlin and Cologne, all dedicated to a wide array of different electronic dance music styles.
On the decks, in the studio or in their radio shows, they like to tear down borders between genres like Leftfield House, Broken Beats, Techno and Bass Music; always looking for connections, queerness and new sonic worlds.

The night was supported by »krakelee« collective, which is working on establishing a left-wing/ progressive, collectively run & financed techno club in Cologne.

Kulturbunker Köln-Mülheim

Date and Time:
01.10.2022 , 20:00 – 07:00

donation-based. suggestion: 10 euros

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Monibi is a club DJ, radio host, and music producer based in Berlin. Born in France, former Scottish resident, adopted German. Bass music and leftfield house music often shine in Monibi’s DJ sets. She takes inspiration from the old-school NY open-format school of DJing: she joins the dots of the dance music spectrum favouring vibe over genre dogmatism. The vibe is retrofuturistic, embracing queerness, and inviting colourful mystic journeys.

01.10.2022 — 20:30

nesa azadikhah


Music Producer / DJ / Founder & Manager of Deep House Tehran ( @deephousetehran ) Nesa Azadikhah (1984) is a Tehran-based DJ, music producer, composer, soundartist, and musician. From playing Tonbak and Daf at the age of sixteen in underground dance circles, she has established herself as one of Tehran’s most in demand electronic music and sound artists and composers around. She is the founder/owner and managing director of Deep House Tehran and promotes Iranian electronic musicians.

01.10.2022 — 20:30



Cali-born, Cologne-based Savsannah aspires to bring people together through music, community building, and writing. Over the past six years, she’s grown as an artist and has found herself in different pockets of the city, such as hosting her bi-monthly dublab DE radio show (@dublab.de ) »This Must Be The Place«, co-founding the contemporary pop-focused label Safe Space Records (@safespace.records ), and also co-founding the queer-feminist collective, cumming (@cummingcollective ). In the past two years, she started DJing at various venues and parties in Cologne, focusing her sets on creating a welcoming space where listeners can escape to another world and feel an array of emotions. She conveys this through the different genres that weave in and out of her sets in hopes that everyone feels loved, included, and connected.

01.10.2022 — 20:30



Born in Paris and living in Cologne, Sharlie is a music collector, DJ, studio manager and broadcaster at dublab.de (@dublab.de). She explores various musical genres and builds organic assemblages with tribal sounds, acid bass, world pop and transcendent experimental music.

01.10.2022 — 20:30

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