The mysterious “Closer“ opens up a cinematic dystopia, it begins the story of protagonist Negisa. Her vocals are distorted, pitched and chopped, even the samples for bass, beats and percussion are handmade – or voice-made, respectively – and accompanied byelectronic sound design.

In this futuristic universe, one gets lost in wondrous ways: indisturbing soundscapes, gloomy arthouse hallways and reflective echo chambers. Butthen a warming voice rises in an all-embracing chorus, like aurora after a dark night Overte arctic ice desert.“SOMA” EP was created by Negisa Blumenstein and Luis Schwamm. It narrates a story about psyche, corporeality and gender.

The music’s tension is almost palpable, the real horror arises from interpersonal relationships. Living out one’s emotions is viewed as an act of empowerment for all genders and therefore celebrated.

Negisa sheds light on stereotypes as often found in horror and thriller genre, just to rearrange them. The woman* now raises her voice – and in this process becomes a threat herself.

Timche Music Festival- Negisa

Tmf 2023

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