Cinna Peyghamy

Cinna Peyghamy is a composer and sound artist, born in France from Iranian parents.

His debut album ‘Gamut’ released in 2017 under the moniker Cikkun, soon followed by the EP ‘Injonctions’. Both showcased a unique turn on EDM and bass music’s standard as the young producer started to implement what would define his sound : fragmented rhythms, severe pattern seizure, abrasive melodies and abyssal mood swings.

Born within the parisian experimental/noise scene, his live act gravited more and more towards full-on improvisations with self-made sound devices : true to his scientific and programming background, Cinna Peyghamy creates and designs unique instruments, from DIY synthesizers and soundboxes to motor-based mechanical structures that serves as tools for his compositions, performances and sound installations.

Leaving his alias and performing under his full name since 2019, his recent work focuses on blending the boundaries between acoustic and electronic instruments.

The tombak, a traditional persian percussion, is enhanced by the sonic possibilities of the modular synthesizer. Cinna leads the dialogue between these two sonic entities and explores the never-ending improvisation field created by this hybrid setup.

His work has been shown in numerous festivals such as Nuits Sonores, Switch Festival, Propagations,Archipel, Bruits Blancs, Nuit Blanche Paris, Tehran Contemporary Sound…

Timcheh Music Festival 2023-Artist

Tmf 2023

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