Isabelle Finou

Isabelle Finou is a performance artist, singer and composer. She was born in Wroclaw, Poland in 1988 and emigrated to Germany in 1998. She studied popular music (MA) Folkwang University of the Arts, performance / scenic arts (MA) RUB, media arts at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and philosophy / literature (BA) HHU.

Her work spans a variety of genres in which she creates scenic pieces, memoirs, installations, performances, as well as love pieces for the stage and the public space.

Her artistic field of research deals with the sensitivity and vulnerability of the individual in social and digital transformative processes.

She understands the human body as a resonance cavity for sounds and noises in which the sending out of one’s voice into space becomes a political act.

In the created sound spaces, sounds and voices pass through and synaptically experience the body and world. In the spherical spaces moments of extended and intensified reality and emotionality arise.

Finou’s partly subtle but intense and often demanding pieces move in the field of contemporary composition & performance art and arrange the tonal / atonal effect of voices, places, memories, symbolic ideas and entities.

In doing so, they reveal themes of mode of existence – of entities and bodies – ideas of utopian and current forms of being and describe the state of different worlds with a tonal unpredictability of the form.

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